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Aug 23, 2011 5:00pm EDT
is steve. steve swab with the washington national cathedral. what can you tell me about that work being done to ensure everyone will be safe? >> we have done our first initial walk-through with structural engineers from the first check, we haven't found any apparent signs of significant structural damage. again, it's just the first check and it was a visual check and we're aware of significant external damage to the stone of the coo ahead real -- cathedral and we're assessing the finer details of that as we speak. >> steve swab -- hang with me for just a second. it will be tough to show on the, but some of your other staffers showed us some surf tours in some of the pen kills -- curvatures in the pinnacles here. a delicate situation here, i would imagine. >> the cathedral is an ole structure and some of the finer points are at the timed and that is a matter of assessing where the structure was before the earthquake today and where that is right now. the pros are in there as we spoke. >> no one was hurt and no stain glass damage? >> yeah, the big guy was watching the stain glass today.
Aug 15, 2011 5:00pm EDT
is bo. everyone's been calling me bo and another is steve bo. i got b dig ity and that is another alias. >> okay. >> and bolo and you can pick what you want to call me. and which is on the fold? that is bo. >> who is bo dig ity? that is when i'm going to the clubbing you know and go have me a little, you know. >> and some milk and water. something like that. >> well, my last question, you seem like such a nice guy. i can't, margin you flipping the switch. what is game day like for you? >> game day is focussing and thinking -- thinking about my responsibility and taking care of the field, pray to god and pray to my son the last game and hot it worry about anything going on and once that first play hits, i am focused. >> and we like yet. here with steven bowen, no longer steven bowen butbo dig ity. back to you. >> all right. and thank you. we wish them well coming up next weekend when they're taking on the indianapolis colts. >> and last weekend it was your pittsburgh steelers. >> go redskins. >> and i wish them well. was in sports studio and they have them going to the super bowl. >> the
Aug 18, 2011 5:00pm EDT
. it's not, steve, about how many mistakes he's made or fell. it's about whether or not you're willing to get back up again and move forward in in spite of all of the opposition, and i believe going into 2012, we need more evidence americans. people have never been involved in the political process before engageing. and that is what i hope the book does. >> you can see her entire interview with christine o'donnell on >>> no doubt, you have been hit with this. banks hitting you for nearly of course they say to -- say to using the atm. they're going after your debit cards. wells fargo is testing a $3 monthly fee. public citizens is here to tell us what this could mean for us. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> i feel like the banks are nickel and diming us with all the fees. what is the rational for charring us to use our own money? >> the rationale, they can get away with it. unfortunately, our banking structure is highly concentrated. what that means is you really have little choice, wells fargo, bank of america, jp morgan. they essentially control half of the
Aug 31, 2011 5:00pm EDT
loopholes in it. fox's consumer reporter steve -- joined us earlier to break it down. >> reporter: despite the new phase of the card act coming soon, there are going be loopholes left open, things you need to be aware of. for example, while there is a cap on limiting fees and on interest rate hikes, there is still not a cap on how much interest a bank can charge and that means the truly credit challenge, some of the folks will be facing interest rates up to 49.9%. the no-rate hike in the first year part is the headline that everyone sees, right? what they don't see is the fine print. you get your credit card in the mail and rip open the envelope and is there is that booklet in there that everyone tosses to the side. read what is in there. you would know that that ax plies to fixed-rate credit cards and if your card is tied to a variable, like prime, for example, card issuers can and will increase your rate immediately and without notice. -- if you pay more than 60 days late, that can increase the interest rate. >> very good information there. to see it, watch the entire interview on the cr
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4